We should do this again
20 February 2004 at 9:02 pm

Aaron is trying to teach Damien how to speak because, he says teaching them how to bark is the first step in teaching them not to bark.

I don't know how this could possibly be true, especially since he doesn't bark except when we're not home, but it's amusing to watch him try.

This is what Aaron says: "Damien, speak!"

This is what the dog does: stares blankly.

This is what Aaron says: "Damien, speak! Rowrorororor"

This is what the dog does: cocks his head.

This is what Aaron says: "Damien, speak! Woof! Woof!"

This is what the dog does: walks away.

For all we know, Aaron is saying, "Fuck you and your mother" in dogese.

There is a new market open in the neighborhood, and I love it so much, but mostly just because it's half a block away instead of a block and a half. What is that saying? The lazy shall inherit the earth? No, the weak...or the meek? Lazy people are weak and meek. It's correct by association.

Obviously, I have had a very long day, beginning with a manic hair dye session with my favorite stylist ever, Morgan at Trimmers on Haight. One repigmentation, one black streaking process, one all-over reddish burgendyish coloring process, a quick shot with the blowdryer, and I hailed the first cab I saw and jetted off to work. I was exactly on time (though the cab ride cost $20 since I didn't want to wait for him to give me change...first time ever I said, "Keep the change!". V. exciting and metropolitan.) I HATE being late for work, although I'm compulsively late when it comes to social obligations, so perhaps it was worth the $8 tip.

In any event, I have nothing else to say.

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