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18 February 2004 at 7:13 pm

Pictures from Chicago.

Whenever I try to be brave and join the battle against the Evil Corporations, it always blows up in my face.

I called the cable company to dispute the $50 service charge I was told would be $14.99, and they told me to fuck off. So I started crying after I hung up and realized it probably would have been more effective to cry while on the phone. But I wrote them a scathing letter instead (the last line of which reads "For a cable company whose motto is 'changing the way people think about their cable company,' my experiences with Comcast have left me pondering how you can claim something so clearly false"...ooo, burn) and we'll see what comes of that.

I had another awful day, thankfully sans puddles. The bitch who came in yesterday and left before trying on the shitloads of stuff she intended to try on came back and tried on the shitloads of stuff she had intended upon trying on. She picked out $200 worth of merchandise and I had it all rung up and packed up and ready for owning and she said she had to go get some cash around the corner. Forty-five minutes later, I realized that I had been duped again. It reminded me of an old SNL skit with Dana Carvey and someone else, where they run around throwing money at people without receiving services, except she was receiving services without throwing money at me, and that's not nearly as humorous.

Fortunately, my superhot pink peacoat came in today, so I wore that all day with my white sunglasses. And Aaron finally found a job, at the soon-to-open sister restaurant of his former place of employment. Their menu is going to be latin-asian fusion, which is all the rage in East Coast hot spots, apparently. It'll be an adventure, and I'm sure to get some free food out of it.

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