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14 February 2004 at 11:36 pm

Per tradition, I was hanging outside of my work smoking a cigarette before I went inside to dedicate myself for six hours of severe boredom. During these few precious moments of seeming freedom, a creepy man approached me, looked me directly in the eye and, as I was preparing to run or scream or knee him in the balls, said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" and walked off.

Then, I saw a homeless guy scatter something in the road. A dozen pigeons flocked to whatever he threw in Market St, and at first I thought, that's nice, feeding the piegons. But then I realized that he was putting the pigeons in severe danger, making them eat in the ever-busy street. But then I thought, maybe he didn't want to interrupt the foot traffic.

I think I overthink things.

I don't really know anything about Gavin Newsome, the mayor of San Francisco, but I think that this move was bloody brilliant. Gay marriage is just about the only political issue I really care about -- pro, obviously -- so this is all very exciting.

Aaron is wearing my Madeira shirt. On the front, it says: Army, Navy, Air Force, Madeira. On the back, it says: We're Looking For A Few Good Men. Haha.

A few weeks ago, he was saying that we should celebrate Valentine's Day the same way we celebrated New Year's: by falling asleep at 5pm. I think he was kidding, but that's what we ended up doing. He fell asleep first, asking me to wake him up in an hour so he could make the meal, the ingredients of which cost upwards of $60, and then I fell asleep watching the Lizzie Maguire marathon, and we woke up at 9pm and felt like chumps. Instead of the chicken-mushroom-walnut alfredo, he made quesadillas. You plan, and then there's life.

I have the whoooooole day off tomorrow, and I plan on sleeping in until around 2, having Aaron make me bacon and eggs, lazing about for a few more hours, and then enjoying the meal we were supposed to enjoy tonight.

I'm logey.

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