16 February 2004 at 9:59 pm

Today was a bad day.

I woke up late. I walked outside just in time to see the early bus chug along it's merry way, half full. While waiting for the late bus, I tried smoking my last cigarette but it was broken. The late bus was, of course, late and full of soggy people who forced me to bus surf (did I get that from you?) the 25 minute ride. While walking the twenty feet from the busstop to the front door of my work, the wind whipped my scarf off of my neck and into a kiddie-pool sized puddle. While fetching it, a bus drove by a splashed the bottom third of my body.

Work work work, then Kenny Loggins came in. I wouldn't have known it was him, except he wanted to charge it to his room and I asked for his name and he said "Loggins" and I asked for his first name and he paused a beat before saying "Ken." I'm not sure if he paused because he wasn't sure if I would be a rampant fan who would rape him once learning his identity or it he was hurt that I didn't know who he was by sight.

Work work work, then this bitch comes in, grabs half of the merchandise and shoves it in the lone fitting room, tells me she'll be right back to try stuff on, and never come back. It took me forty-five minutes to put everything away.

Work work work, I didn't see any shipments in their usual spot so I figured we didn't have any today, but then the shipping manager for the sportsclub caught me and said there were five packages waiting for me to pick them up. I didn't know where they stored giant shipments, so he had to show me, and he was rather pissy about it. I had an hour and a half to sort through five giant shipments and I didn't finish and had to work an extra twenty minutes unpaid because the new girl can't handle the very basic process of shipment paperwork.

I had to wait twenty minutes for the bus in the wind and rain and snagged a seat when it finally came but the bus soon became packed and a guy with a gigantic guitar case stood next to me and his case kept hitting my in the head.

Finally I got home and promptly fell asleep. Sometimes, that's all there's left to do.

At least I got to laugh at the people with umbrellas that kept going insideoutsideupsidedown.

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