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13 February 2004 at 9:11 pm

I think that my dog knows that I am a cat person and as a result, acts as much like a cat as possible. Case in point: he manages to stretch his body so that it can take up the entire length of any given room. He'll rub against your legs trying to get attention. He's a warmth whore, and as soon as you rise from wherever you were sitting or laying, he'll steal your seat, even if he was sound asleep when you moved. Crazy dog.

So, I've been talking about how I haven't done laundry for over a month now. Last night, Aaron got sick of it and got all the clothes organized to take around the corner to the local wash and fold, where, for 85 cents a pound, they'll, you know, wash and fold your laundry. I do not envy their job, but I positively adore the service. One shopping bag, one garbage bag, one hamper, and a sheet filled with clothes later, we brought 74 pounds worth of filth to them. They asked when we needed it done; we said we'd need some of it by today, and they had it all done at 11am. Fuckin a! I am a permanent client. They do all my dry-cleaning and alterations ($5 for a hem...the last time I got something hemmed, it was $12) and you should go to them too. Divisidero and Hayes.

Aaron and I are disgusting and when we are in good moods, we say things like, "I'm tiyod" instead of "I'm tired" or "Where're my slippos?" for "Where are my slippers?" Ew.

So, you know my beloved mod pumps that my dog, in an un-cat moment, masticated? I've been desperately searching for them online and at random outlet shoe stores, because I am heartbroken that they no longer exist. I worked on Union St today and stopped in the Nine West store where I bought them over a month ago for $30, and they still had them! On sale for $20! I justified re-purchasing them because originally, they were $70, so I still got them for 30% off. Technically speaking. Additionally, the store I worked at today had a pink peat coat that is so mod and so unbelievably cute and so $30 with my 50% off with my discount. Swoon. This is boring.

More boring, but good news: I can claim my moving expenses on my taxes, so I'll be getting a hefty refund this year, and that refund will be going directly to my credit card, where the moving expenses are still living. Things work out, yay! Yay IRS!

It was sort of a good day, but mostly a bad day because I'm PMS-y FINALLY. I took a pregnancy test the other day because I'm, like, a week late. Aaron was more terrified that I -- actually, after seeing what Michelle's going through, there is no question in my mind what would happen if I were to get pregnant within the next few years: off to the abortion clinic with me! So there wasn't really much to be terrified about -- just another thing to add to the to-do list.

I've been having crazy lucid dreams lately. I hate it, because I'll have random deja-vu moments and can't remember if the feeling is caused by a dream moment or a reality moment. It's disorienting.

In other news, I am now completely obsessed with Anne Lamott.

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two years ago today: "a bad way to wake up in the morning is to open your eyes in a panic at 7:45a, fall off your lofted bed, and run outside to move your car just to see you already got a parking ticket."

three years ago today: "i want a boy to bring me a peach rose to work on valentine's day."


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