that's kind of an elaborate operation for a grape
04 July 2003 at 4:34 pm

here's what i thought the first time i saw you: oh good, he's kinda cute.

here's what you thought the first time you saw me: oh good, she's not ugly.


here's what i do: try to push you off the edge.

here's what you do: try to keep me from falling off.


i'm making pudding. the five-minute kind. i've made pudding from scratch before, but you have to stir it for days and quite frankly, i haven't the patience. while the puddin's settin', i'm having salami and provolone (which i pronounced "provoloney" for a very long time) and grapes and the very last black label, leftover from when i broke up with fuckhead and took all his alcohol. this doesn't mean a goddamn thing to you and it doesn't mean a goddamn thing to me either except for the fact that i woke up this morning and decided not to eat today and i've failed miserably.

it's a control thing. the move to san francisco is going to be a fucking nightmare and i just want it to be over.

aaron asked me last night why i'm going to be working so much when i'm going to be going to school in sf because my mom would pay for everything. not only does she have three other kids to push through college, but i like supporting myself for a number of reasons, but mostly because my mom can't say a damn thing about my lifestyle if she isn't paying for it. pbbtttbbbttt.

july fourth in the u district. the fireworks started last night and will continue through the weekend, i'm sure. those crazy fucking kids.


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