first day continued. or extended. or started. anyway.
2001-01-17 at 21:57:30

ENGLISH: showed up right on time - a few minutes early even - to find carlo sitting all along. poor boy. so i sat next to him and we chatted for a bit and then school started. it is supereasy to talk to him. then katie came and i don't know how it's going to be seeing her at 8am every day because i'm so very not used to that. anyway. not that it'll be bad. i'm freezing. it was so horrible seeing people i can't stand again. and they've multiplied! ugh.

COLLEGE ALGEBRA: i go in there, and nicole (not the annoying one) is in there and that's exciting so we chat and then i find out i can't overenroll so i walk out and walk down the hall and feel confused. what now? then i go get a bagel and go talk to mrs stuart and she says i should go for cultural anthropology but that sounds like work and work doesn't sound like fun. so i think i'm going to try for astronomy instead.

STUDY LAB: no study lab so i talked to joanna and gave her her present and i was superexcited about that because it's a superexciting present. i would have liked it anyway.

ECONOMICS: seems like it's going to be supereasy. not looking forward to group projects because of lack of people i like to do group projects with. jen is good, because she makes me do the work, but she'll probably be with her boys.

SPANISH 4: teacher is cool. i can understand well and speak alright, should be good.

ACTING: stephen (stephan, steven, stevio, however the hell he spells his name) is in that class and i'm still attracted to his arrogance. not a good attraction habit to get into. esp's dropping it, which i expected. i have to drop it because i already explained why. but i'm not good in big classes and it's a big class. i'm good in little classes (under 20) or superhuge classes (over 50). and i'm better in front of strangers i never have to see again.

and that's my day. tomorrow's going to KICK ARSE. i have this sudden urge to talk to rachel. i think i'll email her. i owe her a superduperlong email. i may have to c/p from this a lot though, because...anyway.

travis and i are going out to dinner tonight. anxious, looking forward to it, not sure whether i want to cancel or just friends, yes? i dunno. i fucking don't know. i talked to monika (of all people) about him.


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