i've been writing in here a lot
2001-01-19 at 18:34:37

i've been using the term "super" a lot and i'm kind of annoyed by it.

in 20ish minutes i have to go to math and i'm kind of nervous because i'm not going to know anyone and wednesday it was ok because it was the first day, but now everyone is kind of almost used to the schedule and the people in their classes and i'll be new. it'll work out, yes? i'm wearing a yucky outfit today. pants that are too short but would look ok with flipflops, my yucky work shoes, a too-small white tank...it's not a good clothing day for morgan. i think i'm going to cancel on travis tonight because we've been spending more time together than friends with potential should. plus, i'm extremely tired and i have to wake up earlyish tomorrow. ahh, i just took a depression self-quiz at zoloft.com and it told me i'm depressed and i should talk to my doctor. um, yes, i'm depressed. i'm also a teenager and i'm going to assume that all my feelings are normal. i don't need happy pills, dammit! i'm tired. i'm going to write esp and email and then jet. ahh, class! but it's the last class of the day (i get out of here at 3...i think i'll be ditching this class a lot. i mean, uh, i'm a good student! right.)


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