08 October 2003 at 12:18 pm

Updated 3-15-05 I'm having the most boring time at work right now, so that's why I'm adding all this extra stuff.

Me: 21. College (UCSB) drop out. Working as a receptionist/assistant office manager/corporate slave at a PR firm. Part-time college student. Have lived in Redding, DC, Santa Barbara, Seattle, and currently, San Francisco. Read the diary if you really want to know.

Aaron: 23. The boyfriend going on three years. Sometimes he is great and sometimes he is shitty but he sure does try.

Joanna: 20. Friend since sixth grade, ex-roommate. One of the more frustrating people in my life, but we have the best conversations.

Michelle: 21. Friend since sixth grade. Ex-roommate. Current mother of a toddler. The drama, my god, the drama!

Damien: 2. The dog. Pit/rott/shar-pei. A fabulous pet.

Liz: 19. Seattle friend. Visits occasionally.

Suzy: 19. Killed herself back in March.

Derrick: 25. Entirely-too-talented musician friend who is ruining his life with pills. Stayed with us for a month in 2004.

Matt: 23. Brother. Lives in San Francisco, plays in punk rock band at random venues, graphic design student, cancer survivor (yes, really).

Suzzi: 21. Friend from college and ex-future roommate.

Jessica: 21. Friend from college.

Lindsey: 22. Europe-obsessed friend since 6th grade.

Sarah: 21. Ex-roommate bitch from college. <3

Karen: Roommate of my daddy.

Stuart: Husband of my mum.

Esp: 22. Acquaintence since sixth grade, friend since eleventh grade. Lives in San Francisco, but I rarely see her.

Adam: 21. A fling from a few years ago. Didn't talk for two years and met up when I moved to San Francisco and he happened to live here too. A neurotic mess.

Stacy and Lisa: 30-40ish. Neighbors, fellow dog owners.

Katie: 21. Friend since 6th grade, currently in Santa Cruz. We see each other every few months, talk online obsessively, and only talk on the phone if it's an absolute emergency.

Samantha: 21. Person from high school, met up in here, closest friend in the city.

Sanam: 22. I can't believe I didn't have her on here before. What am I, stupid? College friend, partner in cynicism and witty rhetoric, always makes you feel like she knows something you don't and she's going to hold it against you forever. I talk to her more often than anyone thanks to our current job situations.


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