But today was much better.
08 April 2010 at 4:58 pm

Continuing on from yesterday...

... and then I missed my yoga class. After the last time I tried to sneak in early, but ended up interrupting the end of the last class -- what can I say, I'm used to bikram, which is very much about operating to the minute -- making for a horribly awkward re-entrance, I wasn't about to try, try again.

So I started to drive to the beach, because when you live in Santa Barbara, if absolutely nothing else, you can go and stand on the beach any time you want. But then I decided that if there's one thing I need, it's to keep a routine, and my goal this month was to do yoga every day, for an hour, and if I can't do it properly in class, I need to go for a run instead. Runs can be meditative.

I made it to the top of Eling's Park, think think thinking, trying to drown out the thoughts and the catcalls with Otis and Ray, ran the whole way with The Ronettes and The Dodos, hustled up the switchbacks to watch the sunset. I stood at the top, catching my breath, mouth gummy from dehydration, and bowed to the setting sun.

To my right, a couple sat on the bench, talking fervently en espanol. I don't speak Spanish, in spite of my college degree that insists I took enough Spanish to communicate somewhat effectively (I can't, at all, and it's embarrassing when I try), but I couldn't have heard them anyway but for the distance.

To my left, so much further away I could see scarcely a shadow of a man sitting, facing away from the sun, towards the mountains. I turned around to see what he was looking at, and the whole town lay before me, perfectly lit from the setting sun, like a painting, that one from Ferris' Buller's Day Off but with buildings instead of people, settling down to rest.

But I still had to run home, so I left before the sun was gone.


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