Laundry Day
16 March 2010 at 4:22 pm

It was laundry weekend. I have a system for my laundry, and that system is: wait. I prefer to do laundry once a month if I can help it. I own four sets of sheets and more underwear than I could wear even in a particularly bloody month to make this possible. (Ew, periods are gross.)

I try to do laundry on nice days, because I use the washer/dryer gratis at one of my places of employment, the one that's three blocks away from the beach. That way, I can go for a run, or, as this Saturday found me, a very long walk while talking with Esp on the phone.

The thing about my very best friends is, they tend to be like me in that they don't open up for many people, but when they do, they have A LOT to say. Esp had A LOT to say, so I didn't say much, which was just as well as I don't have much to say these days. I just walked, walked past the bluer-than-blue ocean, walked past the ultimate frisbee games, walked past the families in the rented trollies, walked past the zoo, walked to the cemetery, and turned around.


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