07 July 2003 at 7:44 pm

i'm sitting here filling up a cheapo fred meyer pinata with cheapo candy and cheapo toys (like the timeless PoopaTroopers) in preparation for my New Best Friend (as in, the only girl i hang out with on a regular basis) Liz.

today was hell. my last day at work was hell. i had this whole schpeel planned if my managers said anything potentially degrading to me today. it went a little something like, "if you ever short schedule us again on a day after a 3-day weekend, i'm walking out. i don't need this." then i would stick out my tongue, skip out the front door, and be on my merry way. oh, for fantasy to be reality and for courage to be effortless.

it was just me and Supercunt for the majority of the day, and i did twice as much work as her. on any given day, this wouldn't be a big deal, but today, when customers were lined up out the door and people who have That much more authority than me were giving me all their busywork (when do i get to delegate?), it was a Big Fucking Deal. tomorrow i get to have the conversation with The Boss that i've been meaning to have for days: supercunt sucks, she makes it difficult for everyone else to do their job, tell her to step on it. it won't do a damn bit of good, but it'll be nice to get it out.

ugh. so tired. time to break out the trader joes chardonnay.

mmm. white mystery airhead.

my feet stink.


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