come hither
03 July 2003 at 10:49 am

this supercute girl just came in and did a little transaction and then took one of my cards and said, "you have a great personality!"

it smells like mint in my little corner today, which is much preferred to the usual aroma du fart (i am downwind of a bulemic). where this smell came from, i do not know, nor do i care.

aaron and i hung out with Tha Gang last night and one of the fellows, who is usually a really kickass guy, got belligerently drunk. (jim bean, i have a bone to pick with you.) it would have been amusing if it hadn't reminded me of my father (did i mention he's been dry since mother's day, when i caught him superbly hungover? yay daddy). it was actually kind of traumatizing. but i got some fun pictures of him wearing heart-shaped sunglasses while cuddling with a rabbit that bears a striking resemblence to the monty python "it's just a little rabbit!" thing.

in other news, i'm hungry but i'm sick of eating. down with chubby bunnies.


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