i want an aj with the quirks of mark and the intelligence of lucas
2001-01-28 at 06:49:17

Kute Koala [12:38 AM]: hi?

KTLolipop [12:38 AM]: hi

KTLolipop [12:38 AM]: where have you been?

Kute Koala [12:38 AM]: i imed you forever ago

KTLolipop [12:38 AM]: Nah ah

KTLolipop [12:38 AM]: I didn't get it

KTLolipop [12:38 AM]: :o)

KTLolipop [12:38 AM]: Hum

KTLolipop [12:39 AM]: Stupid computer

Kute Koala [12:39 AM]: i did though

Kute Koala [12:40 AM]: i wonder where travis has been

KTLolipop [12:40 AM]: Why?

Kute Koala [12:40 AM]: because we haven't talked in a few days

KTLolipop [12:40 AM]: ah

KTLolipop [12:42 AM]: Maybe he's out with friends

Kute Koala [12:42 AM]: hum

Kute Koala [12:44 AM]: the lead singer of dream is "big boned"

KTLolipop [12:44 AM]: hehe

KTLolipop [12:44 AM]: Ahhh

KTLolipop [12:44 AM]: That's lovely?

Kute Koala [12:44 AM]: i dunno

Kute Koala [12:45 AM]: there's a movie i really wanted to see but i cant' remember which one

Kute Koala [12:45 AM]: i think it was snatch

KTLolipop [12:46 AM]: I want to see that

Kute Koala [12:46 AM]: i do too

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: ahhh, spiders on tv

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: ewwewewewewewe

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: ewee2wewew

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: hehe

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: ewewewewewe

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: babye

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: *baby

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: god, i couldn't change the channel fast enough

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: what about baby

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: You are a baby

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: wah!

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: shut up!

Kute Koala [12:47 AM]: you're a bwat.

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: hehe

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: lol

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: oh my god

KTLolipop [12:47 AM]: Don't spell brat like that

Kute Koala [12:48 AM]: lol

KTLolipop [12:48 AM]: I'm going to barf

Kute Koala [12:48 AM]: bwat!

Kute Koala [12:48 AM]: barwfy bwat!

KTLolipop [12:48 AM]: ack

KTLolipop [12:48 AM]: !

Kute Koala [12:49 AM]: muhaha

Kute Koala [12:50 AM]: my legs hurt

Kute Koala [12:51 AM]: not sore. like, arthritis hurt

KTLolipop [12:51 AM]: Ohhhh

KTLolipop [12:51 AM]: I was really naughty

Kute Koala [12:51 AM]: ooo, do share

KTLolipop [12:51 AM]: hehe

KTLolipop [12:51 AM]: I broke my badness record

Kute Koala [12:51 AM]: ahh! do share!!

KTLolipop [12:51 AM]: You know my old worst thing?

Kute Koala [12:52 AM]: yes

KTLolipop [12:52 AM]: With jay and the trailer and his parents

Kute Koala [12:52 AM]: ...

KTLolipop [12:52 AM]: hehe

KTLolipop [12:52 AM]: Oh my

KTLolipop [12:52 AM]: Same sort of situation

Kute Koala [12:52 AM]: um??!

KTLolipop [12:52 AM]: I slept with him in the living room both nights because my parents were being cool

KTLolipop [12:52 AM]: And nate was sleeping out there too

KTLolipop [12:53 AM]: And we were up really late last night

KTLolipop [12:53 AM]: Mostly talking

KTLolipop [12:53 AM]: But we had sex in the living room with nate on the couch

Kute Koala [12:53 AM]: ahhhh!

Kute Koala [12:53 AM]: did nate, um, notice?

Kute Koala [12:54 AM]: and did ellie totally ignore him?

KTLolipop [12:54 AM]: And then nate said in the morning that he didn't sleep at all last night

KTLolipop [12:54 AM]: And we were like, ohhh, um, okay

Kute Koala [12:54 AM]: eek

Kute Koala [12:54 AM]: hehehe

Kute Koala [12:54 AM]: ooo, i do want a tongue ring now.

Kute Koala [12:55 AM]: that should be my bday present to myeslf

KTLolipop [12:55 AM]: I felt super naughty

KTLolipop [12:55 AM]: It should be

KTLolipop [12:55 AM]: That would be exciting

Kute Koala [12:55 AM]: wouldn't it?

KTLolipop [12:55 AM]: But if you get one, then i'm piercing my nose

Kute Koala [12:55 AM]: ok

KTLolipop [1:00 AM]: if you pierce you nose does the hole ever close up?

Kute Koala [1:00 AM]: i dunno

Kute Koala [1:00 AM]: i'm wondering that about the tongue

KTLolipop [1:03 AM]: Find a website?

Kute Koala [1:03 AM]: yup

KTLolipop [1:03 AM]: I bet there is something out there about it

Kute Koala [1:03 AM]: there's lots

KTLolipop [1:07 AM]: there is a category on yahoo for tounge piercing

Kute Koala [1:07 AM]: ooo

KTLolipop [1:09 AM]: i told you that my mommy said i could pierce my nose right?

Kute Koala [1:09 AM]: yup

KTLolipop [1:14 AM]: what would your mom say about your tounge?

Kute Koala [1:14 AM]: she wouldn't find out

Kute Koala [1:14 AM]: she might faint

Kute Koala [1:15 AM]: you know what she did when i dyed my hair

KTLolipop [1:15 AM]: really?

Kute Koala [1:15 AM]: yup

KTLolipop [1:15 AM]: How would she not find out?

Kute Koala [1:15 AM]: i wouldn't, um, open my mouth?

KTLolipop [1:15 AM]: What?

Kute Koala [1:15 AM]: i couldn't do it unitl xmas anyway

Kute Koala [1:15 AM]: so i would be at college

Kute Koala [1:15 AM]: and i'm planning on staying at college for summer

KTLolipop [1:15 AM]: Do you know how hard that would be? Everyone thinks that they could hide it

KTLolipop [1:16 AM]: But yeah...if you were at college it wouldn't matter

Kute Koala [1:16 AM]: so as long as i'm living out of the home and paying for myself, she can't do anything about it

Kute Koala [1:16 AM]: i would probably take it out

KTLolipop [1:16 AM]: You can get clear ones too

KTLolipop [1:17 AM]: that's what the people i know who have to hide it do

Kute Koala [1:17 AM]: hm

KTLolipop [1:17 AM]: I like sinead o'connors nose ring

Kute Koala [1:17 AM]: i dont' like nose rings

Kute Koala [1:17 AM]: i like eyebrow rings

KTLolipop [1:17 AM]: Why not?

Kute Koala [1:17 AM]: because

Kute Koala [1:17 AM]: it's inside your nose

KTLolipop [1:17 AM]: Joe wants an eyebrow ring

Kute Koala [1:18 AM]: key club probably wouldnt' like that

KTLolipop [1:18 AM]: A tongue ring is in your mouth

Kute Koala [1:18 AM]: yes, but things normally go in your mouth

Kute Koala [1:18 AM]: things aren't supposed to go in your nosse

KTLolipop [1:18 AM]: I can't get it until march anyways

KTLolipop [1:19 AM]: So oh well?

Kute Koala [1:19 AM]: so oh well, i don't like them

KTLolipop [1:19 AM]: Key Club wouldn't be able to do anything

Kute Koala [1:19 AM]: ah

KTLolipop [1:19 AM]: Okay

KTLolipop [1:19 AM]: I don't like tounge rings that much :o)

KTLolipop [1:19 AM]: I like them on guys

Kute Koala [1:19 AM]: i do []

KTLolipop [1:20 AM]: My only problem with getting a nose ring is that joe and i were talking about next year (scary stupid)

KTLolipop [1:20 AM]: And he wants to get a tattoo

Kute Koala [1:20 AM]: ew

KTLolipop [1:20 AM]: But it would be a problem if he's trying to do political stuff

Kute Koala [1:21 AM]: i dont like tattoos at al

Kute Koala [1:21 AM]: l

Kute Koala [1:21 AM]: i've decided

KTLolipop [1:21 AM]: And he had a tattoo and his girlfriend had a nose ring

KTLolipop [1:21 AM]: He had a really really interesting thing that he drew on his arm yesterday

KTLolipop [1:21 AM]: That i really liked

Kute Koala [1:21 AM]: hm

KTLolipop [1:21 AM]: It was something written in korean symbols

Kute Koala [1:22 AM]: from what i've read thus far, as long as your gargle listerine for about a week after you pierce your tongue, you're ok

KTLolipop [1:22 AM]: And while i don't want to base things on next year with joe, i don't want to do something that is going to be a bad issue with joe next year

Kute Koala [1:23 AM]: you can't base your life around boy.

Kute Koala [1:23 AM]: youcan't

Kute Koala [1:23 AM]: you'll regret it later

KTLolipop [1:23 AM]: I know

Kute Koala [1:23 AM]: period.

KTLolipop [1:24 AM]: But on the other hand...what if joe and i are together next year

Kute Koala [1:24 AM]: you've handled long distance this long.

Kute Koala [1:24 AM]: is he changing his life for you?

KTLolipop [1:24 AM]: Indeed

KTLolipop [1:24 AM]: To some extent?

KTLolipop [1:24 AM]: Maybe

Kute Koala [1:25 AM]: don't base your college decision on him

Kute Koala [1:25 AM]: pleeeeeeease

KTLolipop [1:25 AM]: He decided that he loved me and then he decided that he wasn't going to go to a far away school on the same day

KTLolipop [1:25 AM]: I'm not

Kute Koala [1:25 AM]: this is why i don't like relationships

Kute Koala [1:25 AM]: compromises suck

KTLolipop [1:25 AM]: hehe

KTLolipop [1:26 AM]: I wanted to go to santa cruz for a long time

Kute Koala [1:26 AM]: you change your mind every week

KTLolipop [1:26 AM]: Then jay broke up with me and i freaked out and decided that i wanted to go far away to prove that i could be independent

Kute Koala [1:26 AM]: hm

Kute Koala [1:26 AM]: and you're dependent.

KTLolipop [1:26 AM]: Now i realize that i like california

KTLolipop [1:27 AM]: And i like the idea of going away to boulder or carleton

KTLolipop [1:27 AM]: But i don't want to live in colorado

KTLolipop [1:27 AM]: Or wherever carleton is

Kute Koala [1:28 AM]: hum

KTLolipop [1:29 AM]: Do you really think i'm that dependent?

Kute Koala [1:29 AM]: yes

Kute Koala [1:29 AM]: obviously, not in a "must see him everyday or die" way

Kute Koala [1:29 AM]: but relationships equal dependency

KTLolipop [1:31 AM]: Okay, but are you particularly happy being independent?

Kute Koala [1:31 AM]: yes

Kute Koala [1:31 AM]: i'd rather be independent than dependent.

Kute Koala [1:31 AM]: i don't like myself when i have helpless crushes

Kute Koala [1:32 AM]: or like in middle school, when i needed constant reassurance by people like tasha

KTLolipop [1:32 AM]: Okay

KTLolipop [1:32 AM]: That's true

Kute Koala [1:33 AM]: but i'm not particularly happy in general

Kute Koala [1:33 AM]: that has nothing to do with dependence or independence

KTLolipop [1:35 AM]: Ah

KTLolipop [1:35 AM]: But i think that it's not the dependence that make me happy

Kute Koala [1:35 AM]: that doesn't; take away from the fact that you are dependent

KTLolipop [1:36 AM]: Dependent in what way?

Kute Koala [1:36 AM]: you need this boy, yes? you'd be unhappy, at least for a while, without his commitment?

KTLolipop [1:36 AM]: I don't need him

KTLolipop [1:36 AM]: I like him. I love him

KTLolipop [1:37 AM]: There is a difference

Kute Koala [1:37 AM]: would your happiness would be deferred if he were to claim he didn't love you?

KTLolipop [1:38 AM]: Yes, for a bit

Kute Koala [1:38 AM]: were you happier after the relationship began?

KTLolipop [1:38 AM]: Yes

Kute Koala [1:38 AM]: i'm not really provign a point

Kute Koala [1:39 AM]: i'm just asking random questions

KTLolipop [1:39 AM]: Okay :o)

Kute Koala [1:39 AM]: but having a relationships means having a dependency on a person

Kute Koala [1:39 AM]: the same way having a friendship means you depend on that person to be there for you

KTLolipop [1:40 AM]: But do you feel suffocated by friendship?

Kute Koala [1:40 AM]: sometimes

KTLolipop [1:41 AM]: But not enough to not like them?

Kute Koala [1:41 AM]: i dunno, i've been through quite a few friendships

Kute Koala [1:41 AM]: destiny's child has two songs with triple names: bills bills bills and no no no

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: How very creative of them

Kute Koala [1:43 AM]: or of their song writers

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: Which makes it all the worse

Kute Koala [1:43 AM]: exactly

Kute Koala [1:44 AM]: i'm tired but i dont' want to sleep

KTLolipop [1:45 AM]: Me too

Kute Koala [1:45 AM]: and i don't want to have school on monday

Kute Koala [1:45 AM]: i'm never going to be famous

KTLolipop [1:45 AM]: Most people aren't

Kute Koala [1:46 AM]: but i'm not most people

Kute Koala [1:46 AM]: so HAH

KTLolipop [1:47 AM]: i want to see the dave matthews band in concert

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: east coast people are obsessed with them

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: my friend knows him. i think she had dinner with him

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: oooo

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: Joe saw them in concert

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: I'm jealous

KTLolipop [1:49 AM]: I've decided that i very much love them

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: some people in my stupid tv class were talking about how you either love them or don't get them

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: but i don't agree

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: i like them but i don't feel the need to own all of their albums. a lot of their songs are they same.

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: i can appreciate the music without enjoying the songs.

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: i don't love them. i like them.

KTLolipop [1:49 AM]: That's true

KTLolipop [1:50 AM]: But i really like most of their songs

KTLolipop [1:50 AM]: Especially their lyrics

KTLolipop [1:50 AM]: I don't particularly see the differences in the way a lot of the songs sound

KTLolipop [1:50 AM]: But i like parts of all of them

Kute Koala [1:50 AM]: oooooooh, i love this song

Kute Koala [1:51 AM]: it's so relaxing and romantic and i want a mark

KTLolipop [1:51 AM]: What song?

Kute Koala [1:52 AM]: actually, i want an aj with the quirks of mark and the intelligence of lucas

Kute Koala [1:52 AM]: romeo and juliet by dire straits

KTLolipop [1:52 AM]: Ah


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