so there. and oh well.
2001-01-28 at 04:05:53

i really do feel like katie doesn't care. like she's too involved in her happiness to have empathy for her best friend. and i dont' really think she's my best best friend anyway. and her best friend is generally her boyfriend. i thought i was over that new-best-friend-every-week thing but after i left school, i didn't. i don't NEED a best friend. like i don't need a boyfriend. it's a convenience, but not a necessity. do i feel bad? i dunno, maybe. but i can be selfish and not give a damn. because I'M having a rough time, and yes, people around me are allowed to be happy but they can't ignore me. even if they care, i feel uncared for. and i really do feel like she doesn't care. i dunno why. it's almost like she's too involved in her life. i hate to sayt that, but yeah. i dunno. i feel like because she can't figure out how to make it better, she gives up. yuck. this is annoying me. i feel like the friendship is falling apart cause we're moving in different directions. better now than later, yes?


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