12 April 2004 at 3:30 pm

Updated 2/8/05: The current layour is courtesy of Love Designs. I took the image from Getty Images and cropped it a bit. I made the switch to Mozilla and the former layout looked like poo in that browser. Certain features still look better on IE: the link colors, the scroll bars, etc, but overall it works. The image is an antiquated dictaphone, which I thought was suiting since this is, you know, a diary and I record things on here. That's all. Updated 7/21/2004: The current layout is courtesy of Angry Rectangle, and it rules. You know it. I know it. Don't try to deny it. I tweaked the original a bit, moving the text box around and adjusting the image, but it's pretty much the same. I've changed it from the Lichtenstein one because people seemed to hate it, which was ok with me, but then I started to hate it. And sometimes, you just have turn and face the strain (ch-ch changes) and, you know, I don't want to be a richer man (ch-ch changes), so I'm going to have to be a different man because time can change me, but I can't trace time. You know that! Hooo dilly, the caffeine is a-flowin' today. Anyway, I like the hallway because it's all like, you're going somewhere, but then it's like, you're confined by where you can go, and there are people? And stuff? And my favorite color's blue, so I liked that too? You know? So. There you go.


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Hi. Morgan, 27, of Santa Barbara, CA. I am a hypocritical admirer of rhetoric (when it is my own) and an observer of literary trends. A secret: I don't take anything very seriously, and that includes myself.