26 January 2012 at 6:26 pm

My company wants me to work full-time from London. They also want me to stay an extra two weeks. I'm negotiating for a business class ticket (two weeks after the coach ticket I bought for $375 departs), a $5,000 incentive, and a phone stipend, which would basically solve all of the my problems:

*Now that I've flown business class a few times, the idea of flying coach is nothing but pure dread. (I love that this is a problem for me.)

*There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the house before we leave, I really didn't want my savings to dip as a result (see: moving to London)

*I've been somewhat concerned over the idea of how I'm going to afford to live in London for a year working part-time. The idea was to use that as an incentive to get paid for writing, which only feeds my fear of failure, and I would have to rely on the boyfriend to pay for part of my things, which, I've never been comfortable taking other people's money in exchange for sex and companionship. Money represents control to me (see: Spain).

It's such a shock that now that I've made this decision, that it's actually happening. The people around me are rearranging their lives for this to happen - boyfriend, obviously, coworkers, roommates. It's crazy to me that I'm being given more than I asked for, but that's how I know it's a good decision, right?


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