Dark Days
11 November 2011 at 3:28 pm

Juice fasting all week after spending a weekend getting wrecked with the brother/stepbrother. The skin was disastrous, the weight kept creeping up, sugar cravings were through the roof, and then I got sick, so: delicious, delicious juice, pineapple-mint-apple, beet-carrot-apple-ginger, pear-fennel, apple-spinach-kale-celery-beet-lemon, orange-carrot-pepper-ginger (a surprising favorite), so many more, four days of consuming nothing but juice, cashew milk, and hot water with lemon or apple cider vinegar.

The skin is starting the clear up, but my lips are super upset about the amount of acid they've been ingesting. I had one cup of green tea on Tuesday and haven't even thought of caffeine since then (probably because I've been filling my body with pure sugar).

The weight, however....URG. I got weighed for my insurance physical this morning, and was wearing really heavy pants*and didn't want to be the chick who is all, "Wait, can I get naked first?" So 128 it is, even though when I had weighed myself twenty minutes earlier I was 123.....and I want to get down to 115 before I leave for Rome in a week and a half....really need some kind of traumatic event for that to happen.

Can't keep doing the juice fasting for very much longer (otherwise I'll do nothing but vomit pasta for a week straight), so I'll be sticking to my steel-cut oats and kale salads and juice and no food past 7pm (really, the most effective way for me to lose weight, but SO hard to stick to, not because I get hungry, but because I get so bored).

Besides that, relying on family pep talks to get me through dark days.

*The roommate and I are having total thermometer wars; she likes it at 65, I would prefer it at 80 but set it at 69 and turn on my space heater in my room, and then wake up in the morning to find that she's set it to 65 sometime in the night.


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