Boring shopping story. Also, marijuana!
21 September 2011 at 5:59 pm

I lost my favorite perfect pair of black pants in one of the two moves I made in these past three months, these gorgeous Theory pants that are universally attractive, and I was so heartbroken, especially since they are The Perfect Travel Pants and I will be Traveling to London in a week, Rome in two months, and Paris or Prague in four months.

(Even though my boss hasn't given me permission to take an extra ten days of vacation time.)

(But even if he doesn't, I just won't be here.)

(And if that means I quit my job, with the company car and the amazing benefits, I have two other sources of income lined up anyway, employment which will probably not result in my crying alone in an office once a week.)

(This job makes me so unhappy.)

So I popped one of the lozenges* my brother gives me and took myself shopping.

I was drawn into a consignment store for no other reason than the store I had intended to go to was closed. It was there that I found a pair of black Joe's Jeans that looked almost exactly like my Theory pants, just ever so slightly too big, which is perfect, because I intend to take in a good amount of food and beer while I am traveling and will probably need the space.

I also impulse bought (which I NEVER do anymore) a Pour la Victoire Marlow clutch, and I am madly, deeply in love with it. I pseudo-rationalized it so hard: "$245 for a strapless purse? It'll be perfect for travel!" So not true, but it is so gorgeous, and I have no regrets.

It was in purchasing this that it came up that I am traveling to London soon to see my boyfriend.

"How's the long distance thing working out for you?" the clerk asked.

I paused. A shrill, "Fine," eeked out, and that's when I knew it wasn't.

But I mean, who needs physical affection when you have carbs and clutches?

*I've quit smoking pot since my brother hooked me up with some sativa cannabis lozenges. I take them once or twice a week for a mild 6 hour high, and as a result have found that my tendency toward depression has decreased, various types of anxiety has evaporated, and they result in the most mindblowing yoga practices (which is probably what is actually helping the depression and anxiety).


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