Women Are Wicked When You're Unwanted
22 December 2010 at 6:44 pm

I'm sleeping at my place tonight. It's been awhile.

It's cold and messy.

I stop in here once a day to change clothes, throw away the mail, occasionally to masturbate, to make the place seemed lived in so the spiders don't completely taken over.

(That reminds me, I need to pack my vibrator.)

He's gone to Austin for the holidays to be with his family. I was invited, but tickets were expensive. Also, I didn't want to go.

I miss him. I like me better when I'm with him.

I still like me when I'm alone.

I'm still not sure about it or everything. We re-broached the subject of moving in together, maybe, someday. I threw a major crazygirl hissyfit later that week, so maybe someday is a long time away.


The ex-boy dropped off a Christmas package for me with a card that had a picture of a cat on the front, informing me that "Christmas is the time of year to put aside selfishness and think only of others." Inside, the cat says, "Obviously I want nothing to do with that."

He wrote, "It's not what the cat is saying, it's how it's saying it that made me think of you.

"I am moving out of town, and am packing. It is a pain. And packing wine is a pain. So, merry birthday!

"P.S. I have more to say, but I won't. Instead, work on that wink!"

It broke my heart.


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