One Punch Knock-out
31 July 2010 at 10:52 am

At the bar, the stunningly gorgeous and effervescent Esp is consistently surrounded by groups of men desperate to be charmed by her, but she's sticking with the guy with whom she fights about how little time they spend together. Their solution is to spend less time together: to take a "break."

A "break" is just a prefix for "up," I tell her, before sharing my theory that he slept with someone else and is trying to assuage his guilty conscious. I gently suggest that monogamy is overrated anyway, and that we should all just be thrilled to be alone.

But I'm not crazy in love right now, so I don't really get it, and she doesn't want to hear my logic. We walk several blocks to the bar where my brother used to work, and I sip on my White Russian and watch people trying desperately to get each other's attention, and I'm introduced to people I've met before but don't remember, and finally, we push through the crowds, having to get incredibly intimate with a series of perfect strangers, to break out into a chilly, July, San Francisco night.


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