Ain't I A Woman (5/5)
06 July 2010 at 7:50 pm

Feminism is about doing whatever the fuck I want without regard to the fact that I am female.

So, that's how I'm a feminist.

I don't ignore femininity.

I create my own version of equality.

I don't apologize when someone gets mad at me because I didn't flower a simple request with insincere articulations.

I don't take on more work just because I think I should be able to, even though I know I can't.

I make my fucking money.

I save a bit of it.

I invest a bit of it.

I do whatever the fuck I want with the rest of it.

I spend my money, sometimes on shoes, sometimes on stocks, sometimes on first class tickets to Spain, sometimes on gas money to San Francisco ... but usually on dresses that, in turn, pay for plane tickets.

(Not that way. I'm just clever with credit cards.)

I don't expect anyone else to fix my problems.

I try to let people help.

I indulge in the pop culture wasteland as my ovaries insist.

But I get back to my real life as soon as possible.

I don't pretend that I want kids just because I might someday.

I don't get upset when someone calls me a bitch when I'm being bitchy.

I don't explode when someone tells me I'm being irrational because I'm hormonal, because I am irrational when I'm hormonal.

But to get back to the point: I struggle with treating relationships with women as a competition.

I have to remind myself that someone else's impressive title and blonde hair isn't personal affront.

If he did, then I can, too.

And just because she is doesn't mean I have to be.


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