I hear this story all the time.
02 April 2010 at 4:54 pm

These people lead fucked up lives:

The guy who hits his girlfriend, leaves the right side of her body bruised, two days after they move into their dream apartment three blocks away from the beach in Orange County. She jumps in her car and drives home to San Jose, locking her keys in her car once when she stops for gas at the 152 crossover off the 5.

The guy, she tells me, he spent two years of his life being molested by his high school basketball coach. He once saw his father hold a gun to his mother's head, in between beatings. He'd just financed his way through a prestigious photography school and had just finished his first week of work at a decent, degree-related job. It's like an episode of Lost, the bizarro-Sawyer-centric ones.

They get drunk to celebrate their new apartment and he accuses her of stroking some guy's lap at the restaurant. She calls him crazy, and he shoves her, twice, once away from him when she goes to comfort him, once across the room.

It's not the first time they've had this fight, she tells me. Once, after a Kings of Leon concert, when she was texting her coworker so they and their respective significant others could meet for a drink, he thought she was texting someone she wanted to hook up with after the guy went home. Their fight broke up the after-party. There were other versions of the same fight, the consequence of growing up with a father who hits you and your mother.

This is the Cliff's Notes of the phone call I received after my yoga class tonight, after a text requesting me to show up for work tomorrow.

She hangs up to go talk to her parents, her entire life right back where it started.

I hang up.

I look at my phone.

I see the date.

April 1st.

Genius levels of unfunny black humor or genuine heartbreaking tale?


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