"Oh, you're a boy. You can do that stuff yourself."
25 March 2010 at 4:54 pm

You just need a few fans who are totally into it to have a great night. Titus Andronicus had a few, some kids with too-long hair, just rocking out to every song. Man, they were so into it. I wasn't, but Soho's lacking sound system might partially be to blame. The kids were entertaining, anyway, even if I spent their entire set fighting off flashbacks of The Moth's latest podcast, the one about a sailor who survives a shipwreck.

Teo Leo and the Pharmacists fucking KILLED. I'm so glad I went, even if they murdered several cilia.

I've been panicky with hangover all day, which has made converting this recipe to allow for homemade cake flour measured in grams remarkably difficult. But the cookies will be made in time for Esp and her boyfriend's imminent arrival, dead brain cells be damned!

There was also a plumbing emergency to be dealt with. The hot water in my tub wouldn't turn off, so, true to inept form, I broke off the handle attempting to fix it. $117 (billed to my landlord) for twenty minutes of tinkering around inside of bathroom wall: so glad I'm not a property owner; wish I knew anything at all about home improvement.


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