A Magnetic Zeo 5/7
11 March 2010 at 3:20 pm

I am cashless, phoneless, keyless, and wearing 5 inch heels and a fucking knit cardigan like I wasn't gonna be walking a mile in the rain or something, but I have made this walk before, alone, later at night, and I know I will be okay.

I make it a block before I decide that I am okay, but I will be better if I take off my heels, and then I start running, not because I'm scared -- I live in Santa Barbara, "Land of A Thousand Bored Cops" -- but I am really starting to feel sorry for myself at this point and I want the experience to be over more quickly.

So I run.


Through the rain. Carrying leopard print wedge heels. Crying pathetically, rivers of mascara forging new paths down my cheeks.

I got home, retrieved my hidden house key, sent out an email to a few people to try to get some phone numbers of friends who could help the next day (remember, no cell phone), and collapsed into bed, wondering how in the hell I would get to work the next day.


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