A Magnetic Zero 2/7
05 March 2010 at 5:31 pm

Let's just parse through the evening here:

I was compelled, and I mean I felt an undeniable "I MUST BE THERE" urge, to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I had just downloaded their album after a few recommendations came out of the woodwork, and then randomly discovered that they were coming to town.

I love when bands I'm just getting into are playing live locally very soon after I've discovered them. For me, an amazing new album is like when you first meet someone and fall in "first look" love: you have to keep feeding it bigger kindling or the flame flickers away.

[If anyone doesn't understand the appeal of live music, and the reason I mention it is because it took me awhile to, you should go see a King Khan* show (NSFW--there is mangina involved). Some bands sound better after going through production, but true artists who can create music intuitively, with the energy from the band and the energy from the crowd: it's an Experience.]

*There are much better videos on YouTube of King Khan, but see if you can spot me in that video!


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