The Holiday Season
22 December 2009 at 3:55 pm

The Holiday Season makes me wish I lived somewhere without calendars.

Not that I haven't had some very great Christmas' and some passably fun New Years Eves. I've had some good birthday celebrations, but only once on my birthday proper (1229).

But the shopping, and the gifts, and the expectation, and the faux gratitude....

One of the boy's Christmas presents is a set of sheets. I AM GIVING MY BOYFRIEND SHEETS FOR CHRISTMAS. And they are really for me, because he only has one set and I am allergic to them. Perhaps I will get him some cushy toilet paper as well.

I totally blew my gift giving wad with his birthday, which was full of wonderful, thoughtful, perfect, day-saving gifts. Can I just give him pipe tobacco and sex again?

I am giving his mother bubble bath and his sister monogrammed soap, which seemed like very practical things to give, except now I think they will think I think they are dirty. But what else do you get perfect strangers?

Anyway, I would prefer to experience each day as a new day, not a day that has happened before 364 days ago, not a day that is an anniversary of anything at all.


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