Employee Appreciation
09 November 2009 at 4:53 pm

At three of my four jobs, I get to say things like, "Yeah, I just emailed you the new invoice." It makes me feel terribly grown-up, albeit remarkably boring, which is why I spent the last several hours getting paid to wonder how I lived without Michael Ian Black's blog.

At two of my four jobs, one of my respective bosses take me out to lunch at least once a week. Today, a boss asked over fish tacos, "So, are we the coolest of all of your jobs?" I said, "Well, I work in the surfing industry and for a bar, so... I'm sorry, no." All of my jobs are awesome in their own special way. Case in point: I spent all day yesterday at a required bar-sponsored holiday beer tasting.

And here's a text from my brother after he left a message to apologize and I neglected to call him back as I was too busy drinking for work and then cooking dinner for the boy (for the first time!) and otherwise socializing with people who make an effort to hang out with me: "Hypocrite, get over it and act like my sister and less like an ex-g/f." Sorry, dude, that's the point: I am over it.


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