Battling Ennui
14 September 2009 at 3:29 pm

Does anyone else wake up with a song stuck in their head? Have I asked this before? This morning came courtesy of "Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and the Shondells.

I was thisclose to buying a $130 flight SBA to SFO for the weekend to party with my brother's and my first ever best friends, but a work meeting on Sunday put the kibosh to that plan, so I went to LA instead with the bar boss and Kristie. Three is a crowd, so I slept in the back of the boss' Audi for the most part. I tend to stfu when surrounded by more than one other person, because it seems like everyone else is far more eager to talk. Also, I generally have nothing but bitchy, judgmental things to say, and I've been trying to keep that shit to a minimum.

Is it called the Fabric District or the Garment District? It must be the Fabric District, or else it would be called the Future Garment District. I bought a good bit of cheapo fabric for my sewing class that start on Wednesday.

The work meeting on Sunday was a party, as it always is, with two punch bowls full of Bloody Marys and more food than I, personally, was comfortable shaking a stick at, so I ate it instead. This was my contribution, and though it was delicious, I wouldn't make it again; apparently, I skew Southern when it comes to cornbread.

I haven't gotten the report from up north yet, but I'm almost positive my brother won the weekend wars, so Katie's gentle reminder that she and Esp will be a-visitin' soon fills me with the sort of glee normally reserved for Anthropologie aprons and chocolate pudding pie (which, coincidentally, is what I got Kristie for her birthday last week).


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