Remarkably Uninspired
10 August 2009 at 10:51 am

The wifi on the trains is free, which is always highly suspect, but I'm drinking wine purchased from M&S poured surreptitiously into Costa cups, en route from an unscheduled stop in Newcastle (where two of us were kicked off for being on the wrong train) back to London and thought I might take advantage of something complimentary.

So far, I've done cartwheels in front of at least two internationally recognized monuments.

The whole trip has been remarkably uninspiring, but my favorite stories are the ones that come as a result of a one-liner from an otherwise unassuming situation.

For example: remind me about that time I got kicked off a train in Europe. I'll turn it into something more than it was, just like everyone else does, right?

Sometimes I wonder if everyone's lives are this uninteresting, and if everyone else is just a better storyteller, or if I'm just incapable of having a good time. Only the boring can be bored, and I rarely am, but I am also rarely without a good book (Anagrams, by the way, was a lifesaver, and I read it twice before leaving it at a B&B in the Trossachs).


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