Coincidences, or: This Is A Small Town
15 July 2009 at 3:40 pm

Over Christmas, I worked at the bar every night for a week. I made a lot of money and a lot of friends and a few fans, one of whom was a gentlemen named J. He came and visited me a few nights in a row, and we got to talking about our lives and hobbies (he's a Marine and a hobby writer). I offered to read some stuff that he'd written, and he emailed me a particularly badly written essay, and I never wrote back (my advice would have been to read everything he could get his hands on before sitting in front of a computer again) and I never heard from him again.

Yesterday, I was poking around my computer chowing down on a post-workout veggie burrito (since I started the twice-weekly boot camp classes, I've chosen the "eat whatever the hell I want and damn the consequences" diet) when the new upstairs subletter introduced himself.

Obviously, this person was J, and now he lives above me.


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