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07 July 2009 at 4:36 pm

I'm struggling with the way I phrase this, plot it, pace it, write it, so I'll just say what happened. But first, a backstory:

A few months ago, a cab driver got, well, not inappropriate, but popped in often enough to see if I was working, called often enough to ask if I was working, sat in his parked cab in the back lot a few nights a week, waiting for customers. He called several times in one night to say that he just thought I was really nice, and I thanked him and told him that I wasn't interested.

All I ever did was offer him a soda. That's my job: to keep people simultaneously hydrated and dehydrated.

I won't talk about the vibe this guy put out, because these are just the facts. I try to maintain polite professionalism amongst the creepiest of creeps, the drunkest of wankers, the customer who's itching to punch someone in the face and tries to pick a fight with a 5' tall girl, and my sugar-coated demeanor evicts patrons far more effectively than when my pretty-boy barback, whom I love for all his pretty-boy sensibility, attempts to man a drunk frat guy out.

I'm fine. I always am. And when I'm not, I can take care of myself, and I get a little insulted when people insinuate that I shouldn't have to. I have a lot of pride in my giant ego.

One of my coworkers got a little big brothery about it and told the bar boss she needed to call the cab company and tell him to stop coming around. I told both of them that it wasn't necessary, that it's my problem, and that I was handling it, and he stopped calling and coming around, and the bar boss deftly skirted around the issue when I queried her about it. She also hired the barback so I wouldn't have to close by myself, something I was vehemently opposed to and fought against for months because it effectively cut my pay in half.

I still feel badly about the whole thing and wanted the guy to know that I'm not so full of myself to think that every guy who's interested in me is a crazed stalker, although I've never seen him since and probably wouldn't say anything anyway if I did. On paper, he's just a cab driver trying to get some customers while talking to a cute girl, nothing to get all restraining order-y over.


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