Books? Maybe?
24 June 2009 at 4:15 pm

I need help.

You know how sometimes you read a book and don't have anyone to give it to, but you know you're not going to read it again? Maybe you should donate it! To me! Like Paperback Swap! But exclusively for ME! With less swapping and more ... giving!

I am looking for some decent reads to take to Europe with me. They probably won't make it back to the States, but I'll be sure to leave it somewhere someone else will find it. I'm looking, specifically, for paperbacks that you would take on a 14 hour flight (give or take 5 hours) or something you would read at a cafe in Paris or a pub in London.

And, if you send me a book, I'll send you a postcard and/or a tsotchke from wherever I read the book at, if I'm feeling organized. Yay! Maybe I'll even send baked goods when I get back!

Maybe you could leave a comment or email me? And then I could give you my address? And then you could send me a book such that it arrives before July 24? And I would be eternally grateful? It's an idea, anyway.


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