For Once In My Life
11 June 2009 at 2:53 pm

A bit of explicit sex in this one, so if you're my mother, let's not discuss this, hm?


He accidentally said he loved me last night. Sort of. Not really. Maybe. I don't know.

(Does it change anything to say it out loud?)

Not if you say it out loud during sex.


Earlier, he asked, "What would you call what we're doing right now?"

We're dating.

Later, but earlier still, he said, "I have to stop myself from saying Certain Things in Certain Ways."

Could you keep, um, choking that down for a bit longer?


Later, he's on top of me, and we're saying all the things we like about each other, but we're saying it that we love it about the other person, like, "I love it when you" dot dot dot.

It's not very sexy to whisper in someone's ear, "I'm fairly fond of the way you slap my ass." "I have a fading interest in how you bite my neck." "I sorta dig it when you rip my panties off with your teeth." "I guess I don't mind when you're licking my clit."

But you need that pronoun, that "I love it." When you slip up and say, "I love you" and don't follow it with anything else, my eyes fly open and I say, "No, you don't," before I can think.

I don't say it commandingly, like, "NO. You don't." It's more like, "Noyoudon't," the same way you might say, "Takeitback." It just flies out of my id, the way it flew out of your ego before you could stop yourself.

And you say, "I didn't mean it like that," a little panicked, and I say, "Nothing anyone says during sex counts," and we continue on our merry way.

Sort of. Not really. Maybe. I don't know.


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