Summer of Revelry and Delight
04 May 2009 at 3:39 pm

For surely!

Sunday 17 May
Kings of Leon
The Bowl, SB
Kristie, Jaime, and them

Saturday, 23 May, to Monday, 24 May
San Francisco Weekend of Revelry
Dinner, drinks, dancing with Geo, Esp, Katie???
Brunch, shopping with Mumsies and the brother

Saturday 30 May
King Khan and the Shrines
The Echoplex, LA
My barback? Or anyone else desperately wanting to see them?

Sunday, 5 July
Death Cab for Cutie, The New Pornographers, Tegan & Sara
The Hollywood Bowl, LA
SFSam, etc.

24 July to 11 August!
London! Scotland! Paris! Rome??!
Lindsey! Geo! Anyone else?!

For maybe:

Thursday 21 May
The Kills and The Horrors
The Glass House, Pomona
Who wants to go?

Tuesday, 16 June
Bat for Lashes
El Rey, LA
Who wants to go?

Hawaii in October with Esp
Who wants to go?

I like to keep busy.

I fill my life with events, I overcommit myself, I plan my life by the minute and months ahead of time.

I like to have things to look forward to, things that are constant, Days I will Recall with Fondness, Days I will reference in future conversations. I plan those things.

I don't like spontaneity unless I've planned for it. I say to myself, "Today, I am going to go with the flow," and then I and another will walk across town lugging bottles of beer and wine and salad, trespassing through backyards to find the quickest way from the westside to the barbecue at San Roque, then I'll end up in another house for a proper pot of tea before I'm watching former members of RKO get a little rowdy in a too-small bar, and then I'm home

and the next day is structured, to do lists are compiled and dutifully followed, work is accomplished on time and appointments are kept and new running shoes are purchased and

I run to the beach, four miles, six miles, maybe more

and then more and more work, crossing things off my list as I go, scheduling breaks that I write down lest I forget to get back to work.

I lost 3.5% body fat in eight weeks, and now I'm going to do it all over again. I really am happy, see, and I don't take kindly to people who say that I'm not.

And then I'll be working and there will be a spider who surprises me, hiding behind some fins, and I will scream and fall down and curse and get chills and start to hyperventilate and realize: this is what I feel when I feel anything, and this is why I don't like to feel anything, and this is why I am shutting [you/him/it] down.

Esp's all, Don't pull an Esp! She's my best friend, so we alternate giving and ignoring the same brilliant advice.

Anyway, it probably doesn't matter. There are thousands and thousands of reasons to avoid someone, and only one reason not to, and I can live without. I have for a very long time, and I will for a little bit longer.

Even though everyone will say to the contrary, I'm not missing out on much; just the whole point.


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