When it is good, it is very good
21 April 2009 at 2:21 pm

Kristie and I are plotting a little side business, but thatíll be several months before anything will come to fruition, but Iím pretty sure everyone who reads this will be thrilled out of their minds with what weíre creating.

Dawn is going to pay me to create playlists for the bar, which will take the place of my transcribing in terms of the random freelance projects that pop up every month with virtually no effort on my part. If you have something you love to do, there is someone else who will pay you to do it.

Speaking of which, the transcription work is turning into a crazy lucrative side project.

The boy is, hm. He, well. Thatís going, um. Here: Iím very happy, but Iím not quite sure why yet, and I have pages and pages and pages of writing trying to figure that out.

Geo and her Pat and possibly her friend Mel are going to be in Europe when I am going to be in Europe. So now I am going to Rome for two days to party at their apartment, in addition to London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Isle of Skye, and, oh yeah, Paris.

And then there are the things like, I went to my buddiesí house to steal lemons, and they had a steak dinner prepared for me.

Iím three hours later to work than I usually am, and my boss invites me and mine to use her pool whenever I want.

I mixed up the appointment date with my aesthetician, but her current appointment was in the process of canceling when I showed up.

Everything I do leads to something else that makes more sense.

Lest you think my life is all rainbows and unicorns (which it is), know this: I have not stopped sneezing or sweating for three days straight.


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