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08 April 2009 at 3:17 pm

I received a loser call on St. Patrick's Day, while I slept in a deliciously rumpled hotel bed in DC.

The loser call is a tradition that goes back many years, though its origins are unknown (to me, because I haven't asked). Whenever a member of our little clique of Merc employees and regulars is missing from a party, the party calls the absentee and screams, “LOSER!” for as long as humanly possible before hanging up. Very traditionally, the call is placed to the person who is working while the rest of us are out having a blast. Heh.

St. Patrick’s Day brings another Merc tradition: the potluck breakfast. Ten to thirty people meet up at 6am and get wasted off Irish car bombs and eat semi-traditional Irish fare. Some people take the day off work to attend.

I’ve never attended it, having multiple jobs that require a certain level of sobriety, but I definitely appreciate the enthusiasm behind the loser call.

In other news, I've just booked tickets from CDG (that's Paris!) to Glasgow (that's Scotland!): €104.74=~$139. !


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