What Is And Isn't
11 February 2009 at 4:41 pm

I've gone through this phase before, when I had Suzzi, Yajaira, and Aurora, and later with Euliza and Deanna and Katie, and I've been that girly girly girl, with the bitching and the biting and the mocking. We did the things a close group of girlfriends normally do: shop, bitch about boyfriends, bitch about each other, make out with each other. You know how these things go.

After they abandon me for being crazy and I moved to Seattle, after I abandon them for being crazy and they all moved away, I tend to befriend a group of musicians. There is nothing more gratifying than befriending artists. They are the most soul-sucking egocentrics regardless of their level of talent, and there's nothing better to get out of your own head than this brand of narcissists.

The thing of it is, boys say what they mean. Girls say something that doesn't make any sense until you run it through every language in Babelfish. When I'm wearing something over the top and asking for opinions, boys find a way to communicate the sentiment that I look ridiculous. Girls say: "Oh, cute!" I've tested this theory, teasing my hair into Robert Smith proportions knowing full well that I look like a fucking idiot, and gauging responses. Suffice it to say, I learn whom to ask when I need an ego boost and whom to ask when I need to not look like a fucking idiot.

Note, boys would never test their friends like this, like I do, because they're raised to have self-confidence and girls are raised to seek the approval of others.

I'm hyper-over-generalizing. I have a few honest girlfriends, and I have a few "polite" guy friends (although I consider keeping a solicited opinion to yourself to be a character flaw), but when you're trying to divide the entire human population into two groups, you can't help but leave room for the exceptions that prove the rule (that cliched phrase, by the way, is the most worthless in the entire human language, narrowly edging out "It is what it is.")


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