How I Graduate From College
21 March 2007 at 11:36 pm

DEAR DIARY GUESS WHAT TODAY I GRADUATED FROM SCHOOL WELL SORTA i still have a paper to turn in tomorrow and it's written and at least a b SO WHATEVS SO THEN I WENT AND fed the dogs and told them that LIKE I GRADUATED and damien was like that's nice, where's the bacon and emma was like uh huh, where's the stuffed parrot AND THEN I WENT DOWNTOWN TO PICK UP MY BROTHER so i could return some jeans i had bought for him and return the duvet cover i had splurged on at macys and decided i didn't really need to spend $200 on a duvet cover AND THEN WE WENT TO square one where we splurged on trio of rabbit and humboldt fog cheese WHICH IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED IT IS TEH AWESOME and then i made my brother pay citing the fact that it's technically MY GRADUATION DAY FROM COLLEGE even if i'm not going to know for a week if i passed my classes and won't know for 3-6 weeks if the school has decided whether or not to fuck me and won't get an actual diploma for 4-6 months AND THEN OMG YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT i went to pick up aaron then we came home and now i'm going to bed WOOOOOO!.


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