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14 March 2007 at 7:51 pm

The letter I just found taped to my door:

"You are hereby given notice that the undersigned is terminating the month-to-month tenancy of the premises located at ___ between Morgan ___ as landlord and the undersigned as tenants. This termination is to be effective March 21, 2007

The undersigned will vacate and surrender possession of the premises to you on or before the above date, free of all occupants and personal possessions. Upon termination, kindly return the security deposit in the amount of $850 currently held by you."

Oh, you fools. You poor, poor fools. First of all, you were served with verbal notice (for a verbal lease, all of which is legally binding in California) of 30 days notice to move out by April 12. I have one witness (Aaron) to verify this. Second of all, you are giving me WRITTEN PROOF of one week's notice to terminate a month-to-month lease, and, according to California law, you need to give at least 30 days notice in order to not be held responsible for the rent. Also according to California law, landlords have 21 days to return the deposit, with invoices of either work done or intended work for withholding the full deposit if the amount is more than $125.

I have already shot off an email to the Community Housing Organization, a free legal service provided for students of UCSB that provides legal advice for housing issues, to verify that they are responsible for 30 days rent and that I am in the clear for holding their deposit for 21 days, but based on my research on their site that cites California legal codes, I am completely within my rights here and they are SCREWED.

Do your research, you idiots.


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