Fact of Life: Moving Sucks
08 March 2007 at 5:11 pm

Closing down the bar last night, everyone had left by 1:00am and Aaron was on his way, so it was just me and the M3rc ghosts. By the time Aaron had arrived, I had to sit down. I could have gotten out of there by 1:40am, had everything closed down, but instead we locked the doors and sat, smoking a cigarette and talking without the distractions of the dogs or customers or video games or TV. I had brought up the idea of staying here a few months longer, explaining that we could save up a lot more money, that (aside from our roommates) I like everything about our life here -- our house, our friends, my jobs. The last few times we've moved it's been because of a deadline, and each time we'd only just found our niche in the town in which we lived. This time, there's nothing waiting for us in Chicago -- no job, no school, no lease. So I want to enjoy a few more months here without the pressure of moving. Plus, I can't, I can't move and get into debt again, and we need at least $6,000 to do that. We could save that up by May, but that would mean Aaron would have to get a second job and it wouldn't be any fun living here until then. I know Aaron's desperate to get closer to his friends and family, but...I don't want to feel like I'm leaving anything behind. I don't want to give up feeling comfortable when it always takes us at least a year and more like two to find a good routine when we move.

The first time I brought this up with him, he responded with complete disbelief, like, not an option. He's had his heart set on moving to Chicago in May for the past year. But after we were able to discuss it in neutral territory, he recognized that it makes sense financially and emotionally to wait a little longer, and it's something worth thinking about. We might compromise and move in July, although I think that would make for a miserable cross-country trip with the heat and the humidity, but August would be just as bad and September is too late. We'll see.

In other up-in-the-air issues, when is my coffee going to kick in?


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