Conversations with Sanam Part Deux of Deux
16 February 2005 at 11:17 am

/edit: No longer will my loyal readers be subjected to the inane and tedious entries of late. Dullstar will return to its normal updates tomorrow. For more on this story and others, please visit Conversations With Sanam. Thank you./

After I returned from lunch, we discussed the advantages of owning a tote bag. That conversation was cut short when I discovered this picture and decided that he was not going to age well. Sanam agreed. Sidenote: I watched Scrubs last night and am amazed, first of all, at the hilarity of that show (I've had Tuesday night classes for the past year) and second of all, at the skilled makeup artists that construct Zach Braff's face every day. Well done. Continued:
It was at this point that I received his corrections to my CCS app crap. Sidenote: I am linking him so much as a thank you for him taking time out of his hideous schedule to help me out. Continued: It is important to note that I rarely offer up my writing for criticism. Granted, I put everything I write (save for the really crappy stuff that only Sanam has access to) on here, but this is less a forum to discuss my talents (or lack thereof) and more a place to let my friends know what I'm up to. Also, I get bored at work. Furthermore, my readers suck at leaving comments and notes. Knowing that, I am more willing to post any goddamn thing I want here because the only feedback I'll receive for it is a "I liked it but I don't think anyone else is going to appreciate that quite as much as I do" from Sanam, a phone call from my mother asking me not to talk about her, a hello from Linda of Seattle, and/or occasionally a "HELLS YEAH" from any one of my dl buddies. The point is, I am an insecure writer and as such, do not like it when people tell me my babies are ugly and stupid and need to be held back a grade. So to ask someone whom I don't know very well and whose writing I respect to edit something of mine is kind of scary. But Sanam said I should do it so I did. The good news is that the only suggestions he could offer were nitpicky but valid. The better news is that his email was littered with so many typos that I could giggle at the irony. The best news is that if I don't get into this program, it will be because my work in evidence of talent sucked and I will place the blame entirely on everyone who said it was good. In your face, self-accountability.
splendorofmorgan (2:20:28 PM): oh!
splendorofmorgan (2:20:42 PM): i lit somebody's cigarette the other day and he said, "it's not every day a woman lights my cigarette."
splendorofmorgan (2:20:43 PM): wtf?
splendorofmorgan (2:26:12 PM): want to know something strange?
splendorofmorgan (2:26:30 PM): because i never eat pepper, when it's in something and i don't realize it i think, "what is that exotic spice?" and it's pepper.
Sanam agreed, that is strange. This sparked a conversation about how salt and pepper because the normal spices and how that is not the case everywhere.
Sanam was still obsessing over finding a tote bag and asked if the "pink pony" one was too trendy. I had no idea what she was talking about so she directed me here. Truly, that is a hideous bag. Her desire to own that bag causes me to question Sanam's status as a soccer mom. I suggested she look inte hipper carry-all and noted that I had found my workout bag/school bag/makeup kit that I carry around with me everywhere in addition to my purse at Crossroads. She was disgusted with the idea of owning a used bad. I didn't understand:
splendorofmorgan (2:56:21 PM): it's a tote bag, not a condom bag.
splendorofmorgan (2:56:29 PM): or a condom for that matter.
splendorofmorgan (2:56:30 PM): EW.
The day was winding down so we began to conclude our various conversations. I told her I would be recapping this conversation due to a severe lack in anything else to write an entry about and then contemplated starting another blog reserved just for our conversations, in the manner of TWoP but Sanam's comment remained true: no one gives a shit about our conversations except for us. And that's good enough for me.


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