Conversations with Sanam part deux
15 February 2005 at 5:02 pm

And now a repeat of the ever-popular "Conversations with Sanam."

It began with the standard greeting:

splendorofmorgan (8:41:41 AM): morn
sanampetri (8:41:49 AM): moron

Then we discussed our Valentine's Day. We are both in comfortably committed relationships. She celebrated hers by eating too much chocolate; I celebrated mine by walking from the UCSF Dental School to Aaron's work (approx. 2 miles), getting soaking wet, picking up the dog from Aaron's coworker, and walking home. Aaron got home around midnight and surprised me with roses and strawberries and chocolate. We gorged. Sanam agreed that fruit is sexy and then typed "maaaaama miiia" for no apparent reason.

We then discussed the fact that I asked him to read my CCS app stuff. It wasn't until later in the conversation that I received his commentary so more on that later.

We played Scrabble and then discussed the habits of my coworkers. They often ask me to do things that would take as much time for them to complete as it did for them to tell me what to do. We agreed that it's annoying.

Sanam asked me if I watch "Made" on MTV. I said that I did occasionally but that "I have to cringe and moan and cover my eyes when I watch it." Then:

splendorofmorgan (9:25:43 AM): i watched part of one last night -- the salsa guy who was like, "i like you" and she was like, "uh, ew"
sanampetri (9:26:06 AM): yeah I'm in love with that guy
sanampetri (9:26:20 AM): he's so cute and awesome and she's a fat sack of lard and doesn't know any better
sanampetri (9:26:50 AM): he'll get so much ass in college though, it'll be ridunculous
splendorofmorgan (9:29:04 AM): please don't ridunculous me
sanampetri (9:29:26 AM): why not
splendorofmorgan (9:30:08 AM): because it's annoying

It's still annoying. I banned "ridunculous" from all future conversations.

We went back to talking about waiting for him to send me his suggestions and Sanam said that I should just send it as is because she's the type of person who just wants things to be done. I contemplated it but then got distracted by work. A little while later I attempted to edit it myself but found that I couldn't, citing that "my eyeballs start to fall out of my head [when I try to read it]. and then i have to push them back in and it makes this gross shphhshtoop sound." I closed the document.

Sanam noted that "when [I] say something funny, everyone wins!" This was in reference to my delight at her depicting laughter at one of my comments.

There was more banter about annoying coworkers but then I got paranoid that I was typing bitchy comments in the incorrect AIM screen (we communicate through AIM in my office) so we switched gears and played Scrabble again. I used to kick Sanam's ass with ease but she's getting better so I can't work and play Scrabble at the same time anymore. Work usually loses in the fight for my time.

I apologized for leaving early yesterday without saying goodbye because my brother had come to my office for a visit right around the time I was supposed to be leaving for my dentist appointment, so I turned off my computer quickly and ran. Sanam was receptive to my apology.

Sometimes the AIM screen doesn't blink to alert me that Sanam has messaged me. This happened at one point during this conversation and Sanam, assuming that I knew she wanted me to talk to her, asked, "do you hate me just because I won [the Scrabble game]?" I explained the problem and responded to her query, which was in regards to my noticing her lj update. I had noticed it.

It was about time for lunch so I made note of everything I wanted to accomplish which included: "(1) deposit previously-lost-but-currently-found checks. (2) drink a shitload of coffee. (3) but a pack of and smoke a few cigarettes. (4) find a really cute umbrella." I accomplished two of those tasks.

Something happened that reminded me of an annoying lady in my English class: "She has something to say after everyone and prefaces it with, 'I'm sorry, but....' 'I'm sorry, but I didn't see it that way.' Someone will rebut. 'I'm sorry, but this is what I think she was trying to say with that.' Someone rebuts. 'I'm sorry, if I can just say -- I haven't read the last 20 pages, but from what I can tell...' Sanam agreed that that was annoying. Then I remembered why I didn't want to wait for his criticism of my application: "because last night when i was like, 'edit this' and he was all, 'ok email it' and i was like, 'it's on my diary' and he was all, 'email it anyway' and i was like 'uh, ok' and he was all, 'i didn't bookmark your page' and i was like, :-( but really i was like 'ok, emailed.'" Sanam said that that was "sad" because we are both completely obsessed with our online forums.

At some point, Sanam's father has emailed her a joke. It read:

"Four Catholic ladies are having coffee together,
discussing how important their children are. The
first one tells her friends, 'My son is a priest. When he
walks into a room, everyone calls him Father.'

The second Catholic woman chirps, 'Well, my son is
a bishop. Whenever he walks into a room, people say,
Your Grace.'

The third Catholic woman says smugly, "Well, not to put
you down, but my son is a cardinal. Whenever he
walks into a room, people say Your Eminence.'

The fourth Catholic woman sips her coffee in silence. The
first three women give her this subtle 'Well...?'

She replies, 'My son is a gorgeous, 6'2", hard bodied, well
hung male stripper. Whenever he walks into a room, women
say, My God....'"

Sanam's response to this was, "I can't believe my dad actually passed on the phrase 'well-hung stripper' to our forty closest friends and family with email accounts." My response was, "It's not like it was so funny that everyone had to hear the joke." Sanam noted that it was one of the more amusing things he has sent her.

For some reason I recalled when everyone used to say "fine." As in, "He's so foine oh my GAWD." Sanam remembered that as well. It was in the "all that and a bag of chips" era. I decided that the term "fine" in relation to one's attractiveness is an insult due to the fact that "fine" typically refers to a mediocre state of being.

Sanam reads the Viagra spam sent to her hotmail account and often relays the cryptic message at the close of the ad to me. Today's read:

sanampetri (12:14:17 PM): emissivity courtyard algol transform cardiovascular whither embroider c's caret windbag chalcedony drab accelerometer spokesperson semper anomaly brewery aqueous paint shotbush

I made a sentence out of it:

splendorofmorgan (12:17:51 PM): The emissivity of the courtyard wondered, what does algol mean? After transforming the cardiovascular health of his friend with a whithering look, he embroidered c's caret-less windbag while thinking, "hmm. chalcedony." The drab accelerometer thought that the spokesperson sempered about the anomaly that was that particular brewery. Furthermore, aqueous paint can result in a shot brush.

Sanam then offered:

sanampetri (12:18:44 PM): if you weren't scampering off to lunch, I'd suggest some scrabble to make you less pathetic

To which I responded:

splendorofmorgan (12:19:00 PM): omg, my face just went from delight to pure sad.

Then I left for lunch.

As my work day is done and this entry is getting ridiculously long, this will have to be completed tomorrow. Same Morgan time. Same Morgan place.


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