27 July 2004 at 4:35 pm

Wanna know what I did today? Ok, I'll tell you.

I woke up a few minutes late and coaxed Aaron into bed because he'd fallen asleep on the couch watching adult swim. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, found some clothes to wear, brushed my hair. I looked in the freezer to see if there was anything I could bring for lunch and grabbed a chimichanga and a generic Slim-Fast for breakfast.

After I was ready for work, I walked half a block to the bus stop and spent five matches trying to light a cigarette. I had two puffs before the bus came and I had to stomp it out.

I started my new Anne Lamott book on the bus.

When I got to work, I did my usual computer thing: check my email, my diaryland buddies, my livejournal buddies. I played a round of Scrabble, checked my email, poked around the internet for a bit. None of the important people -- the people who would want me to be doing something other than playing Scrabble -- are here today, so I felt kind of liberated. I decided to complete a project I'd been putting off for days (laminated wallet-sized cards with employees' phone numbers -- I'm so important) and got that taken care of.

I went to Kinko's for my lunch break to laminate the phone cards and called my mom on the walk back to ask if Aaron and I could come to her house for Christmas. She said sure and I called Aaron to let him know what my mom said. I decided to have rice at the tempura house that's across from my work instead of my chimichanga. When I ordered, I pondered whether I had became the Weird Rice Girl, because all I ever get there is a side of rice for $1.50 because they don't take credit and I never have any more cash than that on me. I sat at a table for four and set my purse on one of the seats and ate my rice and continued reading my book. Afterwards, I smoked a cigarette and headed back into work.

I handed out the new phone cards and played a few more rounds of Scrabble. I shared some witty banter on AIM with a coworker and complained of boredom. The same coworker gave me some research projects, but I couldn't find anything on the subjects she wanted. I complained to my other coworker that I was bored so she gave me some labels to make and some articles to file. I've finished the labels but have not started on the articles. I like to put things like that off because then I feel like I'm needed, that there's a reason I should come into work.

They let me know they're grateful, that my presence is appreciated and necessary. I'm not feelin it, though.

Tonight, in about an hour, I will head up three blocks away from Market and work out. Then I will catch the bus home and eat dinner while watching Family Guy or Aqua Teen Hunger Force on DVD while Aaron plays video games and then we'll climb into bed and snuggle for a bit before I turn on the fan and fall asleep and he moves to the couch to watch adult swim.

Profound? No. I want to remember when I was small and unimportant, when the highlight of my day was going to bed.

P.S. A boy coworker is staying in a hotel in Costa Mesa tonight and my other coworkers are playing a trick on him. He's child-phobic, so they're sending him a bottle of champagne with a note that reads, "Congratulations Papa! We need to talk. Love, [his girlfriend]" That's just cruel. And hilarious.

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