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21 July 2004 at 3:58 pm

Is the text annoyingly small? I can't tell. And I know the image is pixelated and weird, but that's the way I like it, dammit.

So, I do have to get my wisdom teeth out. That'll be put off for a few more months, but I have an appointment next week to get a few cavities re-filled. No new cavities, though. When did I stop getting lollypops for having good health? I'd still appreciate one.

Last night after school, Aaron made the most amazing ravioli. When I (and most people, it seems) cook a nice meal, I throw a frozen lasagna in the oven or fry chicken. When Aaron cooks regular snack food, it's fucking gourmet. The boy has skills. Excuse me: skillz.

He met me for lunch today and we wandered over to the Virgin Megastore to see if they had any Gameboy Advances with the old-school Nintendo controller. They did not, but they did have Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 2. His birthday is not next weekend but the one after, so I have to figure out what the hell I'm going to be getting him. I've spoiled him for his past few birthdays with shoes, PlayStations, clothes, food, etc. My first birthday we were together, I got a $5 shot because he was broke. Last year, he took me to Target and we bought a few random items I wouldn't have otherwise bought. I don't blame him; my birthday is December 29 and tends to get smooshed between Christmas and New Year's. That's why I don't really celebrate my birthday at all.

At work, there are a number of birthdays in December (well, three), so we're going to do a joint party, and we're insisting a super gourmet cake from Cafe Madeleine. I'm psyched, because I'm kind of digging this whole fat thing. I'm kind of over the whole "should I or shouldn't I?" eating habit -- I'll eat what I want, when I want, and won't feel badly about it because, god dammit, why should I? I exercise, I don't do drugs [very often], I don't drink [much] ... I have to have a few vices, and if the instant gratification diet works for me, then don't judge.


You know what my brother said to me this weekend? He said, "You know, you have a big butt. But it's, like, perky. So it's a good thing." I tilted my head, squinted, and plopped down on the nearest chair. What kind of response is there for that?

Clearly, there is nothing going on right now, but for some reason, I feel the need to keep typing. I'm going to play a few games of Scrabble before work ends, I go work out, and then head home to indulge in some hamburger helper (which I never ate when I was little and have recently discovered is the BEST THING EVER). Until tomorrow, my little chickadees ~

one year ago today: "to me (obviously), parallel parking has become nothing less of a miracle. pure magic, if you will. it's little more than geometry paired with a blessing from the parking gods, but nothing beats a perfect parallel parking job." and "my best relationships are the most tumultuous ones."

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