08 July 2004 at 10:04 am

I am so over the city.

I am so over leaving forty minutes before I have to get for work to make a two-mile trip.

I am so over being crushed to death on the bus while the busdriver either zooms from stop to stop, knocking people over, or takes his sweet time at 5 mph while the claustrophobia kicks in, I get itchy everywhere, and the person next to me smells like the dishes in my kitchen that are sprouting legs.

I'm over not going out past 5pm if it involves driving.

I'm over paying more than a mortgage for an apartment the size of my mother's closet.

I'm over the elevator breaking down every other week on Costco shopping day, resulting in a six-floor walkup with $150 worth of bulk.

I'm over this job, being somebody else's bitch for 40 hours a week.

I'm over homeless people thinking that, for some reason, I owe them something.

I'm over everything from groceries to the laundry machines to taxes seemingly costing twice as much as anywhere else.

I'm also over this period, but that's neither here nor there.

URG. Back to Santa Barbara with me.

one year ago today: "i keep trying to distract myself with new adventures, like, uh, oh i'm moving to san francisco now and then i'm getting back into school and now i have a boyfriend and now and then and before and after and anything to keep from thinking about life and the potential lack thereof."

two years ago today: "Bad day at work? It's not just you."

three years ago today: "I have really superlow self-esteem right now." and "I was depressed with myself today, but then I reread some of my diary entries, and I really do like myself and the thoughts that pop into my head."


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