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07 July 2004 at 9:56 am

The title of my in-class essay I had to write last night on Tim O'Brien's "In the Lake of the Woods" was entitled "Love, Nihilistically." I was thrilled with my own ingenuity and bragged about it to everyone I came in contact with.

The people I came in contact with included SAM!!!, who popped down from Redding to visit me, just me! Or something like that. She allowed me my delusions as we shared a double espresso and a glass of wine (served France-style, in a tiny glass) at Cafe Abir. We will continue the cultured theme as we giggle over cheese and apple sandwiches at Cafe Madeleine this afternoon. I'm super psyched!!1

I arrived at work twenty minutes early this morning, instead of the twenty minutes late that has been a trend in the past few weeks, and was the only one here for forty minutes. It was awful lonesome, so I made myself feel better by shopping Target online. That Target, man...they have some rockin flatware.

You know what's fun? Trading sexual favors for voluntary servitude. I'm a fan.

You know what else is fun? Making one six ounce container of yogurt last an hour and a half. How did I do that?

Severely lacking in the content department. Send help. And cookies.

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