Sorry for the memories
06 July 2004 at 9:14 am

Aaron and I pretended we were rich this weekend and purchased no less than two pairs of shoes (me -- oh, they are fabulous), two Munsingwear shirts (him), two pairs Stay-Pressed Levis (him), two dresses (me), four lengths of fabric to make curtains (apartment), one pair wristbands (him), one collar (Damien), and several meals at Freebirds and In-N-Out. Six hundred-some dollars later and we're broke. Oh well.

Over the weekend, my friend Andrew W.K. told me that sometimes we forget that a hard life isn't a bad life. It may have been my state of mind at the moment, but that's my new mantra. You know, for when I can't find the right outfit in the morning -- not bad, just hard. Woe is I!

People who don't get it can suck it.

We popped into a Denny's at 1am on the drive back to San Francisco, where they are featuring such menu items as the Ever After Cheeseburger in celebration of the upcoming "A Cinderella Story." Aaron was feeling particularly clever when he noted that, by changing one letter of the star's name, the theme of the movie would change entirely: "A Cinderella Story" starring Hilary Muff. HAH!

I think I had all of one beer this weekend and went to sleep by 11pm every night. Said one of my brother's roommates: "How's it feel to be married?" Very nice, thank you.

Am v. important and busy. Leave me alone.

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