Sound of breakin glass
28 June 2004 at 10:30 pm

You know, Sylvia Plath had it right.* Sometimes, all you need is a good, hot bath to make a bad day wash away, literally and figuratively. Addendum: add some Pure Pop for Now People and Iím set for a fabulous night of soaking and smoking. ROCK.

Our neighbors, Lisa and Stacey, have a dog named Santana and he is our dog Damienís best friend. Iím sure Iíve mentioned them before by description if not by name, but thatís just to catch everyone up. Anyway, we usually meet up at night to take our dogs for a walk around the park, but itís usually just one from each couple. Each time I go out, I get to hear all about the relationship problems between the two, which is very educational. Today, Lisa was saying that Aaron and I are so young and Ė hey! Ė she could be our mother, at her age! It was one of thoseÖweird things that was just like Ö itís nice that I can talk to a 40-year-old woman and be having the same relationship problems? No? No, thatís not nice at all. It never ends!

I agreed that ďfucking operaĒ is the only way to refer to it.

Iím ok.

*About baths. And men.


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