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25 February 2004 at 12:14 am

I have defined myself as a whore of many things, least of all sexual, mostly in terms of backrubs, but I am also a water pressure whore. I loves me some water pressure. One time, during a particularly horrible vacation in Florida, I experienced a showerhead so devoid of water pressure that I ended up crying in frustration. It's important to me, which is why when I was apartment hunting down here I made sure to turn on every shower in every apartment I saw. What my apartment lacks in square footage it makes up for in water pressure. This showerhead almost makes soap unnecessary. At least, it makes exfoliation overkill. The sheer power of it could strip paint. I love it so.

The shower pressure kicks a good ten minutes off of my average showering time, but the tub is so gigantic that I soak in it twice as long, so it evens out.

Truly, I am running out of things to contemplate.

That Coke commercial? With Penelope Cruz? Where she's eating shitloads of food in the kitchen ("Pass the cilantro, mmmmmmmm"), goes out to meet with the suits, and sends her tiny meal back, claiming she's "watching her feeegure"? What is Coke trying to say? Because what they're saying is that it's ok to eat what you want to eat, as long as you still look good and no one else knows or sees what you eat.

And the last American Idol contestant? Brought me to tears. Goddammit, I don't wanna live by myself anymore either!

I'm just a crying machine. But I do cry for other bodies than you.

I used to be a fairly romantic person, until I realized that the fantasy is always better than the reality so I could live in the fantasy and ignore reality or I could fuck it all and accept the reality. Aaron, on the other hand, has yet to lose that -- I don't know, naivete, so he's the one talking about how romantic it would be to go to the beach and watch the sunset, how inspiring our cityscape view is; he was the one who, when we first got together, insisted on kisses hello and kisses goodbye. I just got hit with a sudden bout of severe fatigue, so I'll leave that thought undeveloped.

I really don't get adult swim's holiday greetings things, but both Aaron and I become extraordinarily giddy when the one where all the heads are dancing comes on.

one year ago today: "i grabbed the biggest shoe i could find, held my breath, squished, squealed, dropped the shoe behind the bed, and ran outside for a congratulatory cigarette." and "i'm just looking for a reason to complain. it's what i do."

two years ago today: "i keep opening my mini-fridge hoping some magically delicious food will appear." and "we wouldn't be able to see the ocean from the cliffs, but we could hear it, and he would hold me and kiss me and we could be content." and "this week is thus dubbed 'morgan talks to boys with whom the relationship started because they wanted to fuck me' week. ...then again, don't all relationships with boys start off that way? hm."

three years ago today: "i'm realizing that even though i've changed a lot, i really haven't."


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